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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Baby Cakes

I am fascinated right now by the evolution of literacy skills in my boys. Our 17-month-old has mastered how to hold books upright but still turns the pages in any direction. He knows which books contain his favorite pictures and phrases, and when I ask if he wants to read Baby Cakes he sings a little song that he associates with the book.

Babycenter expert Judith Hudson argues that most children aren't ready to read until age 5 or 6 because they lack essential neural connections (wiring in their brains). 

His first book club
He is my third child, and I know that he will join the ranks of readers in our family. I look forward to the time when he can read and write and tell funny stories, but I have never even contemplated purchasing or using a program like Your Baby Can Read. Have you?

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