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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Check your toilet paper roll

Ann would be proud.

A few years ago I attended "The Lady With All the Answers," a wonderful play highlighting the life and letters of Ann Landers, aka Eppie Lederer. Two things stuck with me after that performance: I don't go to enough plays, and the letter she received an overwhelming amount of replies to ask which way the toilet paper roll should be hanging.

Does your toilet paper roll fall down the back against the wall or (as is correct) hang over the front?

It seemed everyone who read that comment had an opinion, some quite adamantly against hanging toilet paper any other way! I feel the toilet paper hangs best down the front, but I'm not going to switch the orientation of the toilet paper at my mother-in-law's house, for instance.

Some of us have incredibly strong opinions and beliefs about the simplest things in our life. A close family member requires that all soap and shampoo bottles be re-capped in the shower. My husband can't stand a K-cup left in the Keurig, and he doesn't even drink coffee.

Take a moment and tell me what meaningful minutiae make up part of you routine?

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