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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Junk Books?

A pile of junk?
Even the phrase "junk books" makes me cringe. A book has to be pretty poorly written for me to put it in the category of "junk book." But an interesting forum discussion on delved into the very topic.

If you're trying to encourage your child to read, should you buy or borrow whatever books they are interested in, or are some books "junk" for your kids?

If we can agree to pretend I have unlimited funds to spend on children's books, I think I would say I would let them read almost anything that selected. For the most part, when we visit the library or Half-Price Books, our two main sources of books, my older boys pile up an interesting mix of non-fiction & fiction. They love biographies (have you read the LaDainian Tomlinson biography? We have!) and natural science (although Amazing Snakes gave my 4 year old "cobra dreams").  Dinosaurs, volcanoes, castles and muscle cars were all subjects of our recent selections.

But fiction books featuring super heroes, time travel, magical creatures and talking animals are also in the stack. Almost without exception I have felt that any reading was good reading - except once. I do admit I recycled one book that we received as a gift, a Garfield book called "Fat Cat Rhyme Time." Something about the phrases in reference to Garfield's BMI got under my skin.

Have you ever disposed of a book that you can't stand? Do you limit what kinds of books your children can read?

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