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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Try It: Tabata training

At bootcamp on Monday, I was introduced to Tabata training. I've done high intensity interval training before, and of course you hear about it all the time on The Biggest Loser, but Tabata was new to me. I love trying new things, for the most part.

This was intense! 20 seconds of an exercise, at high intensity, 10 seconds rest, and you repeat that cycle for 4 minutes. We did lunges, squats, push-ups and shoulder presses, with increasingly faster runs in between each cycle. By the time we got to mountain climbers my arms were so wiped out they were wobbling and shaking trying to hold up just my body weight.

That probably makes me sound pretty wimpy but my pythons aren't completely helpless, most of the time I can wrestle two karate-chopping boys apart and keep them apart. Or rip a butter knife out of a toddler's iron-fisted grip.

But Tabata is a new swear word in my house...not to worry, I like using swear words.

There are lots of blogs about Tabata, so if you want the details, visit Tabata Training or Tabata Protocol.

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