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Saturday, June 11, 2011

These past two days have offered up several new things to try! Currently, I am trying something comfortably new - blogging in bed. Using my new wireless Apple keyboard and our cozy lap desk, I'm able to type in Temperpedic comfort. This is the life.

Other small new things of note include playing Carcassone solitaire for the first time - I stink. But starting bad just gives me lots of room to improve. I also played Carcassone against the computer (Servant, Easy) for the first time and at least I won those two games.

But the real thing to celebrate trying today was our inaugural model rocket launch!

This model rocket launch has actually been decades in the making. When my husband was a middle schooler, growing up about a mile from me, though I didn't know him then, he had model rockets. He tried diligently to launch them himself, and then with a friend, but they didn't have the technical know-how. I always wanted to try model rockets, but never had the chance.

Last summer we purchased rockets that were propelled by the vinegar and baking soda. These were a disaster and only produced two results: sitting there while the vinegar leaked out slowly or exploding and covering my husband in vinegar.

Miraculously for Christmas this year, Santa remembered the dreams of our youth and a sky-blue Riptide with a glimmering iridescent nose found its way under our tree.

Merry Christmas!

The Riptide came with a launch pad - but alas Santa didn't know to supply engines and wadding.  After incorrectly suggesting that my husband and 4 year old son visit Legions on Perry Highway (or "The dragon store") as it is now known, I paid a visit to Esther's in Millvale (which gave me the chance to try another new thing!).

Bob, son of the departed Esther, kindly provided me with a pack of B4-4s, wadding, and some useful advice: "Don't buy too many snap-models" and "N scale trains will fit under your bed."

Finally this afternoon, despite potential weather delays, our Riptide hissed into the air practically out of sight. The kids weren't the only ones shouting with excitement when the red-and-white checkered recovery parachute blossomed into view. We were even thrilled by the charred roses of wadding as they spiraled to the ground. Three satisfying, dream-fulfilling launches later, five happy Hogans headed home.

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