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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Try It: Vegan for a moment

Even when my husband was a vegetarian for nine years, I never felt inclined to adopt the vegetarian ethos or lifestyle. It really is a lifestyle, because "going veg" requires changing the way you grocery shop, what you have in your pantry, how you eat out at restaurants and even what recipe sites and cooking skills you need to know. I've been trying to find a tofu press so I can experiment with grilled tofu soft tacos and the stores I usually frequent just don't carry that kind of equipment.

Now my husband eats meat with gusto. We can't wait to try the smoker I gave him for Christmas. So, despite the health and humanitarian benefits, it just seemed like too much work to go vegan or even vegetarian completely. I may be imperfect but at least I'm honest.

But giving vegetarian or vegan foods a try is no problem!

That's where a recent LivingSocial deal came in handy. Seven days worth of single serving foods, from breakfast through to dinner, dessert included! It was all shipped to my house frozen from Gobble Green, an online vegan food store.

The food arrived at the end of May, and yes, it took me several weeks before I tried it. The plan was, bring it to work for lunch instead of heading out with co-workers and spending money on less healthy fare. I was hesitant to follow through on my own plan though, because I need a hearty lunch and I worried, "what if this stuff sucks?"

It doesn't! For the most part. I'll start with the best. The peanut butter and the chocolate chip cookies are wonderful warmed in the microwave. I'm so glad my husband and I shared them and didn't offer them to the kids.

For lunch earlier this week, I thoroughly enjoyed the "meat" loaf. The "meat" was quinoa and tofu, and there wasn't enough sauce, but that could be fixed by a more motivated person. Later during the week I warmed up a vegetable mix of quinoa, peas and peanut butter which was surprisingly tasty and satisfying.

I'm just finishing up the serving of macaroni and "cheese." It isn't out of this world but it's totally edible. (Some folks I know would improve it with jerk seasoning, but I haven't tried that yet.) I would count my Gobble Green taste test as a success but not a conversion. After all, the mac-and-cheese was the side dish to my leftover Delmonico steak. Now that was tasty!

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