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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Why do I do that?

Today I attended a volunteer training, and purchased a coffee. I brought the coffee cup, cream & sugar back to my seat. I tore open my sugar packets, neatly poured the crystals into my cup and then proceeded to carefully fold the empty packets and torn-off tops and tucked all these extra pieces of sugar packet into one empty packet.

And then I thought, "Why do I always do that?" Am I obsessed with tidying up? Annoyed by tiny pieces of paper? Excessively fidgety?

We all have strange little habits that don't seem terribly significant, but some habits are harder to notice and even harder to break. Perhaps its the routine that give us comfort or a sense of control over one small part of our lives.

What odd habits do you have that you have never noticed? What would happen if you tried to change or eliminate them?

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