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Monday, July 11, 2011

Beach Vacation, Part 1

Nothing says summer like steamed crabs from the Choptank!
We just returned from seven days in Delmarva. Here are the stats:

  • Miles driven - over 840 
  • Relatives visited - 13
  • Ice creams consumed - 9 eaten, 1 dropped 
  • Injuries acquired - 1 toddler foot boo-boo, 1 cut finger, 1 head bruise
  • Funland redemption tickets acquired - 357
  • Soft shell crab sandwiches tried - 0
  • Crabs caught - 2 dozen

Things that worked for us
  • Cereal bowls that helped keep kids calm until we could get to breakfast and made great sand toys.
  • Rolling soft cooler - carried everything we needed to and from the beach, including our 4 year old.
  • Produce stands for fresh fruit - provided healthy snacks with no waste and kept certain digestive systems regular.
  • Combining kids' activities with Mom's workouts- pedaling the surrey bike around Rehoboth, lifting kids in and out of the pool, fitting in some exercise at playgrounds all kept kids entertained and helped Mom burn off some of the excess calories acquired from too much pizza, caramel popcorn, and funnel cake.
  • Sunscreen, hats and beach umbrellas - four fair skinned guys in our family, several visits to the beach, 0 sunburns!

Things that worked against us
  • Tired kids - don't give in to the well-meaning suggestions of people who lovingly say, "aww let 'em stay up a little longer, they are having so much fun!" Serious backfire.
  • Tired mom and dad - don't give in to the tempting thought "now that the kids are asleep, let's stay up for four more hours," because our kids kept their usual 6:30am wake-up time and that made our mornings pretty torturous some days.

Rehoboth Beach at sunset

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