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Monday, July 11, 2011

The power of suggestion

So, I bought my older boys a new game to try out over vacation, called Hedbanz. I was a little wary because a friend of ours said her three year old was always telling everyone their Hedbanz card (you're supposed to guess what you are by asking others questions).

The girl on the left is thinking, "I want to eat that parrot..."

But I have a savvy four year old who catches on to things quickly, I thought. He'll get it.

I was a little wrong. It turns out my savvy four year old doesn't directly reveal your card, but he has shown us he is unbelievably susceptible to the power of suggestion - but not from his parents. (sigh.)

When his older brother had an "Orange Juice" card, our 4 year old, D, jumped up and demanded orange juice completely out of the blue. I didn't put it together at first. Then later, when I had a Hamburger card, he started whining for a cheeseburger. He never whines for cheeseburgers. He barely eats. I was starting to get suspicious.

Finally, on the drive home from vacation, while watching a Scooby Doo episode as we rocketed down the PA Turnpike, he suddenly exclaimed he wanted chicken.

"Is Scooby Doo eating chicken?" my husband asked.

"YES!" D breathed, eyes not moving from the show, like it was the greatest meal ever.

Now, you could put three whole chickens in front of him and he might take one bite and announce he's done. But boy oh boy, Hedbanz and TV had him begging for what they were advertising. It was like Inception for kids! So when this post is done, I'm off to create Hedbanz cards for broccoli, carrots and cauliflower, and I'm going to download the episode where Scooby brushes his teeth and goes to bed without screaming, rolling on the bathroom floor or jumping out of bed sixty times. Jackpot.

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