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Friday, July 22, 2011

Star Quality

I know as parents we’re not supposed to label our kids, but it is just so hard sometimes to ignore the predilections and behavior patterns that we see emerging as our children mature and grow.
After the past 24 hours, I just can’t deny any longer that my 4 year old is most likely a born performer. Knowing this, my husband and I do take care not to single him out and describe him within hearing of him or his siblings, as “THE Performer.” But between us, he’s kind of pegged. 
Last night before bed we practiced the Smurfs theme song over and over. This morning he wandered into my room singing quietly and sweetly a little song unknown to me called “Hop, My darling.” And tonight, I stood outside his bedroom door and eavesdropped on this little scene, performed in front of his mirrored closet doors.
Hello, I’m D. I’m here on your screen today to talk about....SCIENCE! That’s right, science. We’re going to practice near and far. Now I am near, now I am far. Now I am near, now I am far. Now I am near, and I’m going to kiss you! [kissing noise]. Hahah, that was great. Let’s sing a song....” 
He craves an audience. At our youngest’s baptism, he serenaded each of the guests with their own private rendition of the Scooby Doo theme song. After I revealed the wonders of Dancing With The Stars to him, we had to videotape his own competitive dance routines and offer up critiques and points. Watch one of our home movies, and his body language, facial expressions and eye contact with the camera would have anyone thinking we let him watch MTV. 
I try not to make a big deal of what I observe. Inside though, I know he’s got stage presence and an entertainer’s heart. And privately, I google dance lessons, singing lessons, acting lessons...and dream of him bringing another Mirrorball Trophy home to Pittsburgh.

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