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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Tree of the Dead

Remember that great gory scene in Sleepy Hollow where Johnny Depp as Ichabod Crane chops at the Tree of the Dead and blood splatters all over his face? That tree is in my front yard!
Tree of the dead

It doesn't exactly look as twisted and evil as the tree in the movie. In fact, it's a lovely weeping cherry tree with delicate pink blooms in spring.

But it is still bleeding and could possibly offer a gateway into hell or vomit up a headless horseman when he is summoned by a vengeful witch.

It's probably just sap (or blood). However, I don't know why this tree is suddenly leaking so profusely.  Is this being caused by insects? An injury to the tree? Demon uprising? 

I'd appreciate any horticultural or spiritual guidance on this issue.

Update, 28 Sept 2011 - a landscape designer visited our property and informed me we have "borers." I don't know anything about borers but there is a spray that kills them so I will be getting that spray! It is most effective when applied between May and July, so I'm hoping our tree holds on until the spring. Keep your fingers crossed!

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  1. I did not know the answer, but looked it up and found this info, not sure of the reliability, but it may be worth looking into... p.s. It's sad.

    "The sap usually indicates the tree is under stress, in decline, and seldom lasts longer than 1-4 years, Fruit production is usually higher; many think the tree knows it is dying and puts out more seed to propagate itself more.
    The tree may be under stress from root pruning, root strangulation or a number of other problems.

    The name for the oozing sap is often called resinosa.

    The best "treatment" is to enjoy the tree while it lasts, and shop for a new one, and someone to remove the tree."