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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Get on the floor!

I've mentioned a few times that at least one of my children loves to perform. And if you haven't had the pleasure to view any of our "Hogan Pictures" movie previews you're really missing out.

This email came my way and it suits my family perfectly, and I can't wait to submit our clips for the judges' enjoyment. I invite everyone else to submit their kids' clips, too, but you have tough competition now that the Hogans are in the mix!

Kids' TV Spot Talent Search: Your Baby or Child could be featured in a Molyneaux Commercial on TV or the Internet.
Molyneaux is running a kid’s talent search to see who our next TV Spot stars will be!  Five talented children, ages 10 years old and younger, will be featured in Molyneaux commercials on our website and television.

To enter your child, you must record a 5 second video displaying his/her talents.  Because the footage you submit will be used in our commercials it must also show your child on tile, carpet wood or laminate flooring.

Your baby or child can be doing anything creative on the floor:  dancing, gymnastics, painting, coloring, stacking blocks, laughing, singing “get to know Molyneaux”, etc.

For every entry we will donating $5 to great kid’s related non-profit based here in Pittsburgh: The Education Partnership. Our goal is to improve the greater Pittsburgh community for our children by raising up to $1,500 for The Education Partnership.

For complete rules go to or the TV Spot Talent Search app below our profile picture on Facebook:

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