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Friday, August 26, 2011

My favorite running partners

"All girls do bootcamp," my four year old declared recently.

In his world, that statement is 100% accurate. Two times a week, his mom and his favorite babysitter head over to the neighborhood park and sweat our butts off for an hour. When his aunt came to visit, she joined us for one class. The women in his life love to work out and I hope it influences what kind of spouse he chooses in the future.

He loves to coach and cheer and stands on the sidelines shouting, "Pick up your speed, Mom!"

One of my favorite races is less than a month away, Pittsburgh's Great Race. I've run some of my best 10K times on this flat, fast, downhill course and ending at The Point is always dramatic and satisfying. The only downside is that it's way too crowded for my mom, who will watch the boys for us, to bring them to the finish line.  My boys have never actually seen me compete in a race and this year, I would love to have them at the finish for one race cheering me on, seeing my accomplishment, and building a mental image of a strong, fit woman as their mom.

My boys love to run, do push-ups, partake in tumbling at summer camp and they often join me for the final part of my workout, a light jog around that lovely nearby park. It's a legacy that I can share with my boys our entire lives. I just hope they don't marry women who are faster than me.

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