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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Haphazard Hillside

A troublesome part of our yard is the hillside next to our driveway. It's very raw and constantly sliding onto the pavement (with a little help from three little boys' bottoms). The current state of disarray is a nagging problem for me and doesn't quite fit with my aesthetic, but any real fix for it doesn't quite fit with my budget.
Our haphazard hillside
 Eventually I hope some of these bushes will come out, but I'm not really sure how it will all look when it's completed.
The small but mighty ground cover plan
Our current strategy involves the above plants, we call them "The Babies" and hope that the boys don't dig them up. Somehow, shovels in hand, the boys manage to avoid all the weeds that I would love for them to uproot and seek out the plants we're actually trying to nurture. The photo above does not at all reflect the actual size of this ground cover plant, really it's hand-sized. We planted about a dozen and are hoping to see some gradual expansion once the snows melt and spring arrives. 

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