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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Gardens - hurry up and wait.

Gardening is a favorite hobby of mine but one I don't always find time to enjoy. Plus, gardening right now also means sharing my tools with a toddler under age 2. That's not always safe or enjoyable. Despite these challenges I've managed to slowly cultivate a few lovely spots in the garden and I have several plans in place for a showy spring. But I have to wait for these plans to show any kind of results. Waiting on any project is hard for me.

Tucked only barely into the earth behind our birdbath are several iris rhizomes. These didn't really bloom in their old location under a large oak tree. There were too many irises, crowding each other, and as leaves fell from the tree the organic matter clumped and clotted the flowers.  

As I knelt in the wet grass to photograph the transplanted irises, I surprised Springhopper, the rabbit who lives under one of our evergreens.

Springhopper has a mate, but we haven't seen any baby Springhoppers yet. We'll probably meet them when winter's over, but again this means more and more waiting.

A troublesome part of our yard is the hillside next to our driveway. It's very raw and constantly sliding onto the pavement (with a little help from three little boys' bottoms). The current state of disarray is a nagging problem for me and doesn't quite fit with my aesthetic, but any real fix for it doesn't quite fit with my budget.
Our haphazard hillside

The small but mighty ground cover plan
Our current strategy is to let these babies grow all over the hillside and provide an attractive but tough (I'd like to say sort of like me, but I won't) ground cover. Again, we just have to wait and see how things go.

Gardening is a good lesson for someone like me. I'm not very patient and it's hard for me to wait for things. But I am good at visualizing a final result, whether it's something I'm writing, or a new project, or a garden full of glory. Garden reminds me to plan, prepare and then implement my project in stages. It reminds me to edit & re-vamp as needed. It also reminds me to appreciate small accomplishments and be ready for unexpected benefits.

I don't want to be a more patient person, too much. But I want a lovely garden, so I'll sacrifice a little bit, and wait. And wait. And wait. And wait....

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