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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Are you as lazy as this mom?

I'm either the laziest mom in Pittsburgh, or the most brilliant. I'm brilliant because I bought my kids this book called How to Draw Transformers Prime. The problem is, the book is pretty complex and like all "how to draw books" the book requires you to make these giant leaps of artistic ability between steps. Since my kids are only 6 and 4, the end product they desire is completely beyond their skills. So who gets asked to draw the futuristic robots from another planet? Me.

Cliffjumper. Sketch by Mom. Color by MJ.
Again- flash of brilliance. As I struggle to complete each step, a basic rendering of the final robot appears on the my children's exultant admiration. Believe me, I'm no artist. But I'm rather good at following directions (sometimes). So they see me performing a task they are dying to do...and I'm doing it pretty well...and they are stunned. They are thrilled. They scream my praises, literally. I cherish it, because I know before long they will be jaded and unimpressed with most of my art.

Optimus Prime. Sketch by Mom. Color by DY.

The whole system was working out awesome for awhile, but you know the old saying "no good deed goes unpunished." They wanted me to draw more...and more....and more. I was sick of it.

So, I turned to tech to solve the big problems of my life.

After the kids were on their merry way to school, I scooped up my nemesis, "How to Draw Transformers." I picked a couple of random pages, put 'em face down on the scanner and went to work. Scan. Enlarge.Crop. Rotate. Crop again if needed. Enlarge, more enlarge - whoops too big. Reduce. Ok, perfect. PRINT.

Scanning my way free of the Transformers.

Now my children will go wild coloring in their favorite robots. And I get a break! I'm not saying I'll never sketch them a robot again. I have a relatively short window to impress them. But for crying out loud I can't draw one of these robots every day!

Judge me if you will. Lazy or brilliant?


  1. I say a bit of all. Good use of technology, saves on your wear and tear. A win-win.

  2. We can make any meaning we want to make. I'd say efficient!