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Monday, November 7, 2011

Without Words

My oldest son was so happy today, thanks to a compliment from his art teacher, that he was speechless.

"I don't know the words to tell you my happiness," he said to me.

I knew just how he felt. And since I'm in the middle of a big writing push, the thought of being speechless but being able to tell a story without words inspired me to list my some of my favorite children's books that have no words.

The Yellow Ball - An extremely simple book, I have fond memories of sharing this with my middle son, snuggled on the rocking chair. He was too young for lengthy stories and too old for many baby books, so a book that allowed us to make up our own words was just right.

The Lion and the Mouse - It's art, it's a life lesson. It's accessible to the young and resonates with the old. As a parent, sometimes I have to remember my little mice can help me a lot, if I let them.

The Crocodile Blues - A gift from my brother-in-law, this book is perennially popular with our boys. It's a little scary, a little funny, with a surprise ending.

Flotsam - The interlocking images from page to page are so engaging, words would just get in the way.

Book Buddies


  1. I love these types of books! Thanks for sharing your list. I found you on She Writes, and just wanted to say hello : )

  2. I always maintained when my kids started reading a book is a book is a book. Wonderful list.

  3. What was the book with the frog and had no words? It was my favorite book as a kid/ Do you know what I am talking about

  4. The Lion and the Mouse is a beautiful story. I love Jerry Pinkney!