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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

What was your writing like in eighth grade?

Here's a poem that was published in the first (and only?) edition of my elementary school's literary magazine. I was in eighth grade and very proud.

The Flashlight and the Sun
May 1989
The flashlight had grown quite proud
with all that she could do.
And once she said to the sun,
“Brother Sun, I outshine you.”
“I light the way in the dark
when the electricity is gone. 
While you can only shine your 
light at the break of dawn.”
“Young little flashlight,
You are a silly thing,
I bring the dawn about
and invite the birds to sing.”
“You say that you are better,
so let us have a test,
We must keep our lights shining,
and never let them rest.”
And so they sat there, shining,
With lights warm and bright,
And evermore they sat there,
even when it neared night.
The flashlight soon exlaimed,
“Aha I am sure to win!
The sky is growing darker,
And your light is starting to dim.”
When suddenly she was silent,
And the sun looked about,
He then smiled sadly,
Her batteries had run out.

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  1. I found you on she writes, and was drawn to your title! What fun :) I did lots of writing throughout my school years--but I wouldn't want to revisit it today ; )

    Thanks for sharing!