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Monday, January 23, 2012

Try It: No Scolding

Ready to party!
I try to respect different cultures, but today I really blew it by violating one of the traditions of Chinese New Year before 8am, Eastern Standard Time. (Beijing is eleven hours ahead of me, so it was like 9pm in China when this happened.)

A traditional belief about Chinese New Year is that the tone of this first day sets the tone for the whole year. So kids, no crying! And parents, no scolding the kids!

You heard me, no scolding.

I wanted desperately to adhere to this tradition but I failed miserably. I lost my temper and scolded two of my boys before 8am today, one for mashing his yogurt-covered face into the couch and the other for hitting his toddler brother with a Paperjams guitar. And yes, my oldest cried because I yelled at him about his yogurt face.

I often recall this excellent post from a mom who wanted to get her screaming under control. I don't have a screaming problem, but I think I have a scolding problem and I'd like to work on that.

So, here's something to try - can you get through a day with not scolding your children? That doesn't mean not correcting them or re-directing them, just not scolding them. I'm going to give it a shot.

Even though I scolded kids today, I'm going to work on keeping the rest of the day scold-free. Then I will start tomorrow with a no-scold goal and see how far I get.

I'm not Chinese but I will take any excuse to celebrate so Gung Hay Fat Choi! and welcome to the Year of the Water Dragon. 

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  1. hey thanks for this post i really feel bad when i scold my child but i dont have control on my anger. and when i do get angry i know i should not do this and this makes me more angry...
    but i will really try this one no-scold day.... yes i will try...