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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Try It: Offal

We grilled these suckers. 
In preparation for the coming apocalypse, I agreed to enjoy "Offal Night" at Legume Bistro with my husband and another wonderful couple. This other couple, who we'll call The Potstickers, absolutely love Legume, and I trust their taste. Also, if I'm going to survive in the post-WW3 world, I need to stop disdaining all the edible parts of an animal.

I already enjoy raw fish, from seviche to sushi, and dive in to a tasty plate of carpaccio. Recently I discovered a real passion for bone marrow, also known affectionately as "meat butter." So, I figured  an appreciation for offal was the next reasonable step.

(You may think I'm joking about the apocalypse, but I do keep a stash of water in my basement and have a mental list of provisions we'll need during the mass exodus out of major metropolitan areas.)

The food offered for the Offal Tasting was excellent, but unless I can whip chicken livers into a smooth, luxurious mousse or sprinkle daintily chopped cilantro on top of a rich soup of tripe and beef cheek while crouched in a cave dwelling, I don't believe I actually learned any practical end-of-the-world kind of eating. However, my enjoyment of lamb's tongue terrine has increased.

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