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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Soul searching

Infographic resumes are hot in the tech-heavy job world right now. I think because people are just plain bored with reading resumes, they'd rather look at a lovely, colorful picture book and decide to hire that person. And honestly, wouldn't you rather work for a boss who was exciting and innovative and asked you to draw pictures about yourself instead of answering tedious questions about improbable work scenarios?

The infographic resume is not a new idea. In fact, my first grader just put together his first one by collecting small items that defined him, putting them in a bag and bringing them to school.

Looking for a sports-enthusiast who is also a strategic thinker and tech-savvy for your next hire?
I think this is a fair representation of his skills and experience. Let's see what we can learn about this candidate:

  • The magnetic chess game in the back illustrates his ability to not only plan his own moves but predict the moves of his opponent. Great for long-term strategic planning in the sales world. 
  • He's competitive, and is into team sports like football as well as individual activities like golf. In the workforce, this means he'll fit into the team but excel on any solo projects he might be assigned. 
  • The Transformers logo at bottom center tells you he doesn't think in terms of black & white because this specific logo is a blend of the pure good Autobots and the evil Decepticons. He understands that some situations are not always clear and simple. He can handle nuance and subtlety. 
  • But, when it comes down to it, he's like Ironman. A brilliant thinker who can turn his powers of invention and innovation to protect and defend what's right and good. So don't worry, no lawsuits here, but maybe a little late-night celebrating. 
  • The Apple stickers reveal his tech experience. A self-professed computer geek, he is very comfortable on the new Lion OS and operates smartphones and iPads with ease. 
  • Notice the small Dublin lapel pin and learn that this candidate is a world-traveler who can approach problems with a global perspective and is culturally sensitive. He's not provincial or short-sighted. 
  • Finally, the dinosaur. Specifically, a parasaurolophus. While some might see a toy, what you're really seeing is someone who is curious about the natural world, thoughtful, and familiar with the scientific process of investigation. He questions assumptions and doesn't operate on blind faith. He'll analyze and prefers logical, evidentiary based thinking. When you need analysis, and enthusiasm, along with the ability to memorize and pronounce complex words, this is your perfect candidate. 

Don't you want to hire this guy right now? Sort of. He's only six, which means he'll work for things like nickels and ring-pops, but he's also lose interest quickly and sometimes forget to use the bathroom in time.

Self-discovery is a constant process and as a parent we can either facilitate or impede our children on their exciting journey of learning their strengths, weaknesses, loves, loathes and passions. I loved watching M. gather the materials that he felt really told his true, essential story.

I am really tempted to put together my own bag of self-descriptive items and send that out as a photographic resume in the near future. I have a short list of what my bag would include. I'd love to hear what you would put in yours!

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