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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Try It: New food, fashion and friends

Here are some new things I tried this past week and actually liked!

My nickname is "Mama Mia in a Tortilla."

  • Food: Last Sunday, at my husband's suggestion, I tried my hand at my first ever batch of homemade tortillas. It was a rousing success, thanks to two little helpers, and we plan to revisit the project with a few additional elements including delicious Mexican hot chocolate & even more mariachi music. 

  • Friends: On Tuesday, I initiated a face-to-face meeting with another social media professional whom I had only known via Twitter. This was really my first tweet-up. It was a wonderful hour spent talking with someone interested in the same things I am interested in, sharing success stories and challenges! We met at a coffee shop I'd never been to before and while I was there I grabbed some authentic Mexican hot chocolate bars. Coincidence? I think not.

  • Fashion: After my first tweet-up I moved on to shopping at a new locally-owned store. I wandered into Pavement in Lawrenceville and had a blast! You should see the dress I grabbed for After Hours @ The Library next week! I dropped a few dimes but felt good about branching out & away from the mall.

Wild Boar meatballs with homemade pasta. Incredible!
  • Food: On Thursday my darling husband treated us to Game Night! at Restaurant Echo in Cranberry. Restaurant Echo holds a special place in our hearts because it is where we first fell in love with bone marrow ( or "meat butter"). But there were no dice or "Get Out of Jail Free" cards here but there was plenty of wild boar, venison, duck, pheasant, rabbit and more. This event was the perfect follow-up to Offal night. At Offal night, I learned to all parts of familiar animals. At Game Night, I learned to eat all kinds of animals. It was the logical next step  in preparation for the coming apocalypse. I was so willing to enjoy everything they offered at this dinner I even drank a beer. I never drink beer! It was pretty good as sour Flemish ales go.

I think this duck course was my favorite.
  • Friends: We knew Game Night! was prix fixe but we didn't know it was group seating. So when we arrived we were thrust into an unexpectedly social atmosphere when we were planning to have an adventurous dinner at a quiet table for two.  But slowly, thanks to the cheerful nature of the couples around us, we found we were having fun, actual fun, making new friends and talking to other adults we didn't know! We even stayed after dinner and enjoyed another round of drinks with a really delightful couple! It was a wonderfully pleasant surprise and something we could never have planned.

What have you tried recently that's new? I'm always looking for something interesting!


  1. This is so funny. Literally minutes before I read this, I was telling some work friends about the general meatiness and lack of vegetarian options at Echo. We go out to dinner once a week. (Well, I don't make it that often.) We take turns picking a restaurant and there are two rules. 1.) No chains, and 2.) The selected restaurant must be new to the one who selects it. It's a very fun idea. The others try to select vegetarian-friendly places for me. Anyway, I told them that I can generally find something to eat w/o issue, but I listed the vegetarian unfriendly restaurants as: Echo, Atria's and probably BBQ joints. :) Nate's employer just had their holiday party at Restaurant Echo.

  2. Oh, it's meaty! Very meaty. Don't worry, when WW3 brings an end to our current lifestyles I'll share my game meat and offal with your family. Unless we eat the entire animal first and make clothing and tools.