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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mirazozo & More at the Pittsburgh International Children's Festival

Tonight we enjoyed the press preview of Mirazozo, a handmade luminarium built by Architects of Air, installed near Schenley Plaza as a part of the Pittsburgh International Children's Festival. While it was a struggle getting the kids to accept a change in routine, since we don't often do events on a Tuesday night, once they were inside the enormous tent we could barely get them to leave. A small map captivated my seven-year-old. Traveling through the tunnels alone and meeting up with us again was all my four-year-old wanted to do. And the two-year-old alternated between sliding on the sides (against the rules) and rolling on the floor calling out "Look at those spider webs!" (totally ok). 

As a family, we highly recommend this experience, but it's only available May 16-20. My seven-year-old actually said "Thanks for bringing us to this, Mom." My four-year-old gave it "one million thumbs up."

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