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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Try It: Travel With Kids

How hard is it to travel with young children?

Not hard if you have the right attitude and plan well. This family doesn't sit still very often and we are always up for adventure! Traveling is in our blood. My husband's been all over the world & I'm working steadily to catch up. I have traveled more of the U.S. than he has but he's willing to improve his stats there.

We want our kids to enjoy the thrill (and challenge) of making your way through a new city, appreciating how things there are different from things back home, discovering a new favorite food, gazing in wonder at the beauty all over our world.

Our boys are now ages 7, 4 and 2. Last summer we ventured across the Atlantic with all three to a foreign country that isn't so foreign to us - Ireland. Below is a map highlighting a few of our favorite spots.

When it was just me & my husband traveling, our Lonely Planet guides served perfectly. For this trip, we got a lot of great advice from Sticky Fingers Travel.

I hope to add other maps highlighting more of our adventures to Asia, the Caribbean, Central America,Europe and of course the rest of the U.S. Stay tuned and tell me where you are headed this summer!

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