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Friday, June 29, 2012

Try It Contest!

When's the last time YOU tried something new? Has it been awhile? Ok, it's time.

Try something new in the next two weeks and you could win four tickets to experience M is For Museum at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History now through August 30, 2012!

Our kids really got into M is for Museum!
We loved this exhibit - the kids wanted to live in the giant dinosaur footprint and I spent a good deal of time sketching a grasshopper.

How can you win tickets to this excellent exhibit?

Write a comment below telling me what new thing you will try in the next two weeks. Then you must try that new thing! I want to hear results and feedback. A new food? A new exercise? A new hairstyle? A new grocery store?

Break out of your rut! Try something completely new - be brave and adventurous! And tell me about it.

The contest starts today (June 29, 2012) and runs through July 13, 2012.


  1. I will be trying a new activity-- surfing!! :-)

  2. I haven't taken Alex to the museum since he was 3! It's time to check it out again, for sure.

    Next Saturday I am dying my hair--professionally!-- and I'm super excited.

  3. does my tri count? it's been 14 years

  4. Congratulations to our winners Shannon & Allison!! Send me a text so we can get your prizes!!