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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Try It: Triathlons

 It's time to try something new and something I'm not really good at: swimming and biking. I can run pretty much half-asleep. I'm not saying I'm running at a blazing speed, but that it's kind of second nature for me to run. My body is very comfortable with running and so is my mind.

But I'm always asking my boys to try new things and acquire new skills, and challenge themselves. So, I try to model the kind of behavior I'm asking of them.

Right now, my oldest is working on learning to jump rope and ride a two-wheeler. My middle son is learning to read and will soon be giving swimming lessons a shot (hopefully less disastrous than last time).  My youngest is learning to use the potty and soon I'll be asking him to give up his pacifier. Really soon.

With all these new behaviors and shifting comfort zones happening for my children, I felt it was only fair I put myself into the same environment. I don't like the "in a rut" feeling. I like looking at the horizon and striving, working toward a goal.

I also like the feeling of attempting something I've never done before and realizing it can be fun! For instance, I recently tried pole dancing for the first time. It was far more physically challenging than I had anticipated, and surprisingly very fun! I am not sure it's a good fall-back career option for me, but it definitely made me realize I need to stretch more.

Next on my list of new challenges is the August triathlon in Baltimore, MD. A good friend from college pressured me to register ("we should do this" read her casual Facebook message). Her motivation was the chance to buy some hot looking triathlon gear. With that in mind I'm ready to start training this week!

I haven't done any serious swimming in years. I've done some tourist biking here and there (Pittsburgh & Ireland) but no real training and certainly no racing. The last (and first) triathlon I completed was 1999, now 13 years ago. I was still in graduate school back then and had lots of free time. This is going to be much, much different.

I'm a little nervous because I'm moving into unfamiliar territory. I might look ridiculous. I might get hurt. I might finish last. But like I tell my boys, you don't know how to do everything right away. You have to practice. You have try lots and lots of times. And if you don't try you'll never know if you like it.

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  1. just for the record, that was NOT my motivation to do the triathlon! i need to be reading your posts more frequently to check for accuracy...