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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Set for Homework Success!

School is in session - I love this time of year. And since my middle son started Kindergarten yesterday, I wanted to start him off on the right foot with homework. He's actually excited at the thought of having homework. I wanted to reinforce his excitement by preparing a special place for him to concentrate and do his best. After some serious rearranging our "Kids' Art Room" went from a narrow one-kid wide workspace... a clean, organized area with space for at least two kids! We do have three boys so I made sure there was plenty of room to add another chair as needed. 

Instead of storing papers and coloring books on the table top like I used to, I moved a bookshelf from an upstairs hallways downstairs. Now all papers on the bookshelf instead of  stacked in an old plastic tub. My kids can search through them easier for the one they want.

I have tried many different ways to make markers and crayons easy to reach and easy to clean up. I found that standing containers were always tipped over and tubs that were too deep meant caps were lost and markers dried out. If all the crayons and markers were in one large container, the kids were always arguing over who had it too close to them. 

Solution: the small brown boxes I receive every month from Birchbox turned out to be the perfect way to store and display the endless array of markers and crayons. Each of my kids can pull one close to them as needed and there are still other markers within reach. If I need to clean them up quickly for a board game or large puzzle I can just consolidate and pop lids on - love it! 

The tables are from Ikea and did require a drill to assemble but weren't expensive or difficult. I loved the dark color because the old table was very light and it was obvious where all the markers and crayons had wandered off the paper on to the table. 

My boys love the new system and my Kindergartener said he wished he had homework so he could use his new spot. That's a pretty good endorsement in my opinion. 

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