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Monday, September 17, 2012

Try It: Sharing Your Passion

I've conquered some new challenges and fears this summer.
  1. Completed three triathlons, including one open water swim. 
  2. Self-published two books for children with steady sales! 
  3. Built a hearty client list.
  4. Traveled with my husband, children and parents to a country where we don't speak the language and thrived!
So now it's time to get serious about my passion, writing fiction. 

It brings me joy!
It's easy to just focus on my paying work or head out on a run, but those things aren't going to make my dream of publishing a novel come true. Many writers find it hard to write fiction...because it's hard to write good fiction! You don't get any better by putting it off, though, so I've been using a daily writing prompt to help me keep up my practice. 

I also read a blog from another writer working on her first novel. Hearing about her progress and obstacles is comforting, because I never like feeling alone in my efforts.

Here's the part where I admit that I often start and fail to finish big writing projects. 

But lately I've been a lot better about facing my own shortcomings, and so I'm being very careful about my fiction writing, not biting off more than I can chew, setting reasonable goals, working from small to large. I also reward myself with chocolate.

I've been working on these writing prompts since April and now it's time to start sharing them and getting critiques and sending some off to journals and contests. So, I invite you to visit my Short Stories and Essays page and share your thoughts. I'll update the content periodically, so stop back often.