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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Would You Worry About CCD, too?

So CCD starts today and our middle son will attend classes once a week this year. You'd think a kid who loves Jesus would love CCD, but I'm a little worried about the whole thing.

If you are my friend on Facebook or follow me on Twitter, you probably already know how much he loves Jesus. For those who don't here are two brief examples:

Jesus & Mary, top center, before
Jesus started smoking.
March 23, 2012 "Taking the boys to a 'Mommy & Me Learn Kung-Fu' night. D. asks if Jesus knows kung-fu."

July 25, 2012 "M. said 'I'm never going to smoke a cigarette.' D. said, 'God doesn't smoke but Jesus does.'"

D. frequently asks about Jesus's family, fashion choices, favorite movies and is generally a super-fan of Jesus.

So why am I worried?

The day I registered him for CCD, I grabbed a copy of our church bulletin. On the "Faith Formation" page, the question for Children was "Who and What helps you believe in Jesus?"

This may seem innocent, but it worries me. It suggests that it's possible NOT to believe in Jesus. Why wouldn't people believe in Jesus? Ultimately, it suggests that Jesus isn't real.

He's an analytical child. The subtleties of this question wouldn't escape him for long. I've burned the heretical bulletin and shed a few tears as I remembered when I learned to doubt the things I believed and loved.

I struggle with my own faith. I'm not sure I'm ready for his to be shaken this young.

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  1. As an adult convert (again) I get the whole doubt thing. I'm an avid reader, have you read "Chasing Grace" by Martha Manning? I just read "Good Catholic Girls" by Angela Bonavoglia and I have to say the first part made me mad and the second part made me glad...full of changes in the Church. A few weeks ago, the homily was on Peter saying, "where else would we go?" and I thought, well, there it is.