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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Free Water & the Apocalypse

Don't be so hard on hoarders. They are probably just manifesting some genetic mutation that encourages them to save, save, save. And for all we know, after the apocalypse, those hoarders will have us wrapped around their fingers. They'll be the ones with all the useful items that we need to survive in the devastated world that's left.

I'm absolutely the target market for shows like Revolution and The Hunger Games.

I plan the coming apocalypse with optimistic fear, because that's who I am. I believe I'll survive (optimism) and that my whole family will survive (extreme optimism) and that I can prepare in advance to make our new life reasonably bearable (insane optimism).

  • I don't have a bomb shelter or four dozen cans of soup (I'm working on the soup). 
  • I do have an emergency list of supplies so I know what I need and don't need. 
  • I'm a decent camper.
  • I have experience growing vegetables and preserving foods and I'm in the process of saving seeds so I can start plants at home this spring. 
  • I can sew and have made quilts and I just learned a basic knit stitch so we should be OK for clothing, if I can get my hands on fabric and thread. 

And I recently went extremely far out of my way to score a free flat of bottled water from Giant Eagle. I hate bottled water and judge people who drink it. (Yes, I'm judging you.) But I know that bottled water will be life-saving in the first few days after the end of days.

My secret stash of water.

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