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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Awesome or Awful?

"Helping" with laundry.
I have three boys. They are bright boys with a lot of imagination and initiative. They are also lazy and disinterested in helping with chores.

Yesterday, I said to my oldest, in a casual cheerful voice, "Hey could you help me for a second?"
and he replied, without looking up, "why?"

And despite the numerous times I request their help with the laundry, their assistance fades after a minute or so. Last week my 7 year old cried because his favorite sports pants weren't clean.

I'm not mad or ready to rage the way I was when they were wasting food.

I'm curious.

What would happen if I stopped doing their laundry? I've discussed this on Facebook before and heard from other moms that their children the same ages as mine sort fold and put away their own clothes.

So what if after I did the laundry, I just dropped their clothes in a pile on the floor?

I'm looking for predictions on what you think would happen with my kids AND with yours.

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