Saturday, November 3, 2012

My New Running Plan

My new training partner.
Just read a great interview where a writer describes how every day she wakes up early and goes for a run. The link between running, creativity and productivity is well-established in my mind.

Runners make great writers. Just look at Once a Runner. (On a tangent, this incredible book was self-published and reminds us all that the big publishing houses are not infallible.)

Not all writers make great runners. Some writers prefer to seek their inspiration in drink.

I dabble in a bit of both.
Let's examine the similarities between running and drinking:

  • Both impart a feeling of euphoria.
  • Both convince the participant that they can do anything.
  • Both lead to the silence of that insidious internal critic.

Of course the next logical step in is for me to start running drunk. If my theory holds, I should be able to create the greatest novel of all time.