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Monday, December 10, 2012

Best Kids' Activities

We like to try new things in our house. We tend not to specialize, favoring more of a Renaissance approach to kids' activities and clubs. There's plenty of time to get stuck in a rut as an adult, so why not experiment a bit when you're young?

My husband is reading Andre Agassi's biography right now. When Andre Agassi was a kid, his dad made him hit 2500 tennis balls a day. I think I hate Andre Agassi's dad.

I'm not going to make my kids a bucket list or anything, but it's kind of cool to remind them of the fun we've had over the past year! Here's a photo review of some new and old kids activities we did this year:

Archery & Renaissance fairs

They have started piano lessons!

Ran their first race

Swimming lessons -
 our oldest went off the diving board for the first time!

Chess Club for the older two boys

All 3 boys tried gymnastics this year

Golf Camp

Little Kickers soccer

Under 8 for soccer

Football camp

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