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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Best Pretend Play Storylines for Writers

My children inspire me with endless ideas that I often incorporate into my writing. They are masters at asking "What if....?" and are not hampered with the limitations of what 'works' or 'flows.' They just go with it.

I've started observing their imaginative play closely to get really compelling, authentic story lines. They follow basic ideas of being more powerful than an average kid and always include a good versus evil element.

Identity & Brotherhood
Story Idea 1: We're three brother ninjas. One of us is captured and turned evil. The other two brothers have to fight to save someone who doesn't know they need to be saved.

Story Idea 2: I'm an average kid and I don't know my brothers are secretly ninjas but they always save me from bad guys.

Identity & Parent-Child Relationships
Story Idea 3: We discovered Mom/Dad is a spy and we need to stop them from stealing our secret code.

Story Idea 4: We are spies and Mom/Dad don't know it but we're saving the house from bad guys.

Secret Treasure
Story Idea 5: We uncover a secret treasure that gives us super powers and now we have to save our family from bad guys.

Story Idea 6: There's a hidden secret treasure and we have to follow the clues before the bad guys find it.

The battle wages on

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