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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Do you have a Favorite?

30SecondMom announced that their new Favorites program is underway! Get all the details here and make sure you find out about all the top product picks for families that are expecting, have babies and older children.

Q. What is the 30Second Mom Favorites awards program?
A: There are so many products for families, and so much noise and clutter on social media and blogs, that it’s hard to know what’s a worthwhile product and what’s not. The 30Second Mom Favorites awards program identifies the “must-have” items for expectant, new and experienced parents and their families, and then shares them with our audience, social networks and the media. By earning an award, a company can use the 30Second Mom award seal that matches its product’s award-winning status, allowing it to stand out in the crowded digital and retail marketplace. By looking for 30Second Mom award seals on products, promotional materials and digital properties, parents will know which items we Like and Love, and which ones are our Favorites!

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