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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Grumpy Kids, Sneaky Mom

[Note: I wrote this post awhile ago and thought I'd finally publish it. Wouldn't you know it, my middle son woke up grumpy today?]

Why do some kids wake up grumpy while others smile and sing? The science behind morning grumpiness in preschoolers is a mystery to me, but it’s the reality in our house – more than once someone wakes up grumpy. On busy school mornings, it’s hard to be patient with grumpiness and let it work itself out. So we came up with other solutions. If you have a grumpy kid (or kids) like us you might like this tip  that I call "The Magic Mirror." I shared on 30SecondMom awhile back but we still pull it out once in awhile! 

The magic mirror worked for our middle son, but when our youngest was sad that he couldn't ride the school bus with his brothers, we had to use our imaginations again and turn our van into a rocket ship. You can read about that idea here!

Looking for more quick solutions to every day problems from savvy moms? Check out the great community at 30SecondMom - I'm proud to be a contributor! 

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