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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Homework for Writers

Can't wait to dive in!

My writing friend gave me a stack of Writer's Digest magazines on Thursday, bringing my total to 14. 14 glossy collections of insightful advice, commentary and exercises from experienced writers who for the most part, know their art and the industry pretty well.

These magazines are useful to me. Back in the spring of 2012, I used them to correct my arm form while running. I guiltily admit that I haven't used them as the publisher presumably intends: to effectively to improve my writing. But after a day spent in partial procrastination and office cleaning, I have formulated a plan.

How long would it take me to read a slim publication like Writer's Digest? 30 minutes? An hour if I took notes?

I'm going to read each issue and take notes, maybe even make a video with highlights of the best tips and advice. That way I know I'll remember the info better - because I learn when I write things down. I'll have the information and tips preserved for later use and be able to share it with other writers who are short on time like me.


My completed homework:
September 2010 - The Big 10 Issue
September 2011 - Best-selling Secrets
October 2011 - Get Your Agent


  1. Elizabeth, I just went through two full bags worth of old Writer's Digest and Writing Magazine. I ripped out articles I thought I would read & refer to again, bought two notebooks and dividers, and organized the clipped pages into different sections, like Freelance Writing, Creativity & Inspiration, Genres, Craft, Markets, Marketing, Social Media, Resources, etc. I've already found great use for the articles. It's such a relief to find a new working home for my magazines! Oh - I also gave what I didn't use to my writer's group.

    1. This is great! Right now I just have the magazines sorted in an upright file, but I may decide to do this system or a similar system. But I tend to be a bit of a packrat so I have to be careful about how much I allow myself to keep.