Thursday, January 24, 2013

Inequality Starts At Home

I do not treat my children equally. I wish I could, but I am a human with many regrettable  endearing flaws.

I found this easy to my admit to my husband, but I am having trouble typing it, because it sounds harsh. This is my fourth attempt at typing the words and I will not delete them this time. Ok, here goes.

I'm so proud of my oldest son. I believe he can do anything.
I'm so proud of my middle son. I'm amazed that he can do anything. *

When I shared this revelation with my husband, he asked "What about the third?"

I replied that he gets a pass because the first two have worn me out with their high maintenance personalities.

I'm working on finding a happy medium, but of course I'll take any advice you feel compelled to share.

three adorable boy children
My Three Amigos

*Ok so I went back and edited this one more time to try to more accurately convey my thoughts. Still not sure.