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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Try It: 6 Word Stories

I changed ingredients, his mother cried. 
Her car, his driveway, big mistake. 
He gave all, she gave up. 
Heart surgery finally removed her grudge. 

I wrote these stories last year for a Six Word Story contest. At the time, I really liked one of them. The judges didn't like any. Such is the life of a writer!

I'd like to hear your Six Word Stories. About anything. I have an iTunes gift card to give away to the story I like the best!

My criteria is loose and based purely on an emotional reaction to your creation. Send me your stories via email. Put "6 Word Story" in the subject line. Include your contact info and a link to your blog. In February, I'll share my favorites and the winner along with a link to your blog.

Contest ends January 31, 2013 so get started!


  1. I think "Her car, his driveway, big mistake." is fantastic. I also like "I changed ingredients, his mother cried." and "He gave all, she gave up.", but the driveway one is awesome. Those judges were dumb.