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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

With or Without You (Family Version)

What family calls 911 twice in one weekend? Ours.

The first time I had to call 911 when an off-leash dog chased my kids into our own yard. Then the dog's owner called me a bad mother for teaching my children to be scared of animals. I told him I was teaching them to obey the law. Drama!

Early Monday morning, as in 1:30am, our youngest son suddenly starting coughing. His dad and I both thought he was going to barf up the eight pieces of gum he had secretly eaten that day, but no - he couldn't breathe. He was choking and gagging and his coughs were loud and wouldn't stop. It happened so quickly and he hasn't been sick at all, we both assumed he had inhaled something. So we called 911. Again. 

My husband and my 3 year old rode to Children's Hospital in an ambulance, but I had to stay behind with my older children who were still - thankfully- sound asleep. I couldn't even promise to go get my husband and little guy, because who would get the older boys up and ready for school? 

 You've all probably guessed by now that my youngest had the croup. We were lucky it didn't get worse and he is doing fine and has had a good day of rest.

When we're not panicking over emergencies, I sometimes think it's sort of nice to be a bit removed from all the drama that families create with each other. But it's hard when our own little family gets into these kinds of situations because we don't have anyone to call on for help. 

I thought about this last week at the doctor's office for something a lot less serious - his well child visit. The staff asked if anyone other than me or my husband would ever bring the kids in for medical treatment. I had to say no, because I would never ask anyone up here to do that. We're on our own with that kind of intimate activity.

Don't get me wrong, we have excellent friends, caring people, generous and kind. But they have their own kids, their own jobs, their own drama. I feel like you can't ask this kind of stuff of friends. You ask family to put up with the crazy stuff, because they will eventually generate their own crazy that you have to put up with in turn. 

Our little patient


  1. I have friends who are substantially closer to me than some of my blood relatives. They are my family of choice, and we definitely share our crazy with each other. So, yeah, you can ask that kind of stuff from friends.

    1. You're very lucky Heather! I think it gets a little trickier when kids are involved. Because even though I'd be very grateful to a friend who helped me out...well, you know how ungrateful my children can about shoes, right?