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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Running Inspiration - Friends

"You look at me and you see your past
Is that the reason why you're runnin' so fast?"

This is my team in 1997. I ran before I knew them, and I kept running after we graduated, but some of my best runs were with these women. Most of us are still in touch, still friends. We were in each others weddings, our kids know each other. We gathered for annual reunions where we ate and drank, until late 2010 when my friend in the far right of the lower row said "Let's try to get in and run the Credit Union Cherry Blossom Ten Mile Run in 2011."

I agreed to register for the lottery with the group even though I hadn't run a race since 2006. I slacked off mostly due to pregnancies and kids and exhaustion. In fact, I was pregnant during that 2006 race and logged 11 minute miles. But a lot of moms keep running despite all those challenges. My real reason for slowing down was stress urinary incontinence. And it wasn't hurting just my running, it limited what I did with my kids, at work, how I dressed, everything. This invitation from my friend was the motivation I needed to solve the problem and get back to my real life! 

After we got the email that we had been chosen in the lottery for the 2011 race, I put my plan into action. I scheduled the surgery to repair my SUI. My husband gave me the most amazing Christmas gift: a personal trainer! And of course I got myself some new shoes, New Balance Barringer 890s, the model I ran in today!

Four of the women in that photo ran the race in 2011, and two were there cheering. I finished in 95 minutes. I felt like myself again!

My friend gave me the nudge I needed, and the 2011 CUCB Cherry Blossom Ten Mile Run re-lit the spark in me. I ran the race again in 2012 and took about 10 minutes off my time!  I am so looking forward to running that 2013 race - again with two of my best friends from college. It's my favorite way to run!

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