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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Try It: Jesben Slow Cooker Sauce

I am not a talented cook. I recently destroyed two frozen pizzas.  But I am a mom who needs to feed a family of five, and I try to make healthy choices.

So when I was asked to try two new sauces from Jesben I agreed to give it a shot. These sauces are made by a local mom also looking to provide healthy food to her children that is easy to cook.

I had some frozen mini-meatballs in the freezer that I popped into the sauce pan and then poured the entire jar of Italian Tomato, Peppers and Herbs.

As it simmered it did smell so good.

And it was so easy.

I had time to slice, season and slip some fingerling potatoes into the oven and cook up a little angel hair.

Dinners like this work well for my family because I could walk away and end battles enjoy quality time with my boys without worrying if I was going to screw something up.

My oldest will give anything a taste at least once. So he scooped some of the mini-meatballs in Jesben sauce onto his plate and took a bite. He smiled and closed his eyes - he loved it.

He adores all kinds of fresh vegetables and tomatoes are his absolute favorite so this was a big hit with him. I had the brilliant idea of putting some of the leftover meatballs into his small Thermos for lunch the next day and he came home raving about how warm and tasty they were, just like at dinner!

My husband and I also enjoyed the fresh taste of the sauce, not  too sweet.

We also have a jar of BBQ slow cooker sauce that we will definitely be trying with brisket.

My picky eater was a little upset when I popped a meatball onto his plate. Since it was a mini-meatball I told him he had to eat the whole thing.
I said "you can do it in one bite" which he interpreted as "take only one bite." He took a nibble.
I persisted and he finally ate the entire meatball. He didn't rave about it but he didn't complain about it. Neutral is almost as good as you're going to get from this kid. He definitely needs to try things multiple times and be reminded of what he likes, which is why he was the inspiration for My Food Notebook.

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