Monday, April 15, 2013

Boston Marathon - Dreams Come True

Lots of people are running the Boston Marathon today, but I'm not one of them. Sometimes I wish I was, but right at this very moment, I'm totally ok with not running. Because one of my dreams already came true this weekend! I was able to meet a woman who changed the world of running and made it possible for people like me (and you) to decide "I'm a marathoner" and to run no matter who we are.

Yesterday, I met Kathrine Switzer in person. 

Kathrine Switze & Me

She signed my copy of her book and reminded me to "Be Fearless!"

Marathon Woman & the Finish Line
 of the Boston Marathon

She wasn't the only female runner at the time, and she wasn't incredibly fast. She was just a woman who loved to run, and that's what makes her so special in my opinion. She didn't believe she was better than any other runner, but she did believe every runner should be allowed to run.

Her book is inspirational for parents (her dad encouraged her to run starting at age 12), for women (she broke down barriers), for runners (she trained herself from a 4:20 to a sub 3:00 hr marathon) and for entrepreneurs (she started women's races for Avon and now women out-register men in most races!).

I've interviewed Kathrine and written a brief biography of her for children's magazines. Her Secret Weapon worked for me, too. If you need some inspiration in your life, even if you're not a runner, pick up her book. Use it to break down whatever artificial obstacles are blocking your path.