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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Credit Union Cherry Blossom Ten Mile Run - Tomorrow

One of my most favorite races of all time happens tomorrow. And if you've been following my training,  dear runner-reader, you know I've been struggling with injuries. You might also know I've struggled with adjusting my goal time.

But here's the source of my struggle: I'm competitive. And I'm goal-oriented. And I'm a Virgo.

Last year I took 10 minutes off my 2011 time. This year, my plan was to take 5 minutes off my time and go under 80 minutes. Virgos don't like it when the plan gets changed.

But I've been injured, been in PT, had the flu and my training has been limited.

Everyone keeps telling me to "just have fun" and "enjoy the run."

That's really hard.

I want to go out and have fun. I do. But I feel terribly guilty going out there to "just have fun" because I really feel obligated to be working toward a goal. I don't generally go into races just to finish. I have fun on training runs. (I have fun when I know I'm running my goal pace.)

When I ran Cherry Blossom in 2011, it was my first post-surgical run and a return to self. 2012 was the result of great training. 2013
At the 2012 CUCB Start. I love this race.

P.S. Part of running this race means I'm raising money for Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. You can learn more about the charity and make a small donation here.

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