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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Pain and the Finish Line (Part 2)

Back in September 2012, I set a road 10K PR. It felt amazing.

And not long after that race, I had another amazing moment when Molly from the Credit Union Cherry Blossom 10 Mile Run emailed me and told me I would be one of the social runners for 2013.

I love this race. This was a dream come true for me - not only would I get to run the race, but I was actually encouraged to chat about it with other runners who also love the race!! And I decided I would set a goal of running the race in under 80 minutes.

Then I got injured. And then I got the flu. Everything was going wrong. I changed my goal from sub 80 to "just finish the race." I was sad, angry, frustrated, and stubborn.

I did PT and for two weeks, I had pain-free running. A week before the race I set out to do 8 miles easy and couldn't get past one.

I came home and cried. I even complained to my 8 year old. He said, oh so casually, "There's always next year, Mom."

Smarty pants.

But thanks to the support of family and friends (old and new) I started and finished the race. And I enjoyed I always do. This race is awesome. I eased into the first few miles, kept the pace steady and made sure to notice the glories of running in DC on a crystal clear Sunday morning, the river sparkling and the trees hinting at their impending beauty - and the determination of 15,000 fellow runners.

After the five mile mark, when I was still pain-free, I decided to empty the tank and finish under 90, even though that meant picking up the pace. Mile by mile, my mini-goal came closer, and at that last tricky hill, my favorite running partner (illegally) hopped onto the course to help me slide in at 89:55.

I love my family, my friends and I love running.

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