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Friday, April 12, 2013

Trading LEGOs: Fair or Foul?

I'm not sure if my kid has been ripped off right now or if second graders are just innocently ignorant.

My eight-year-old spent his birthday money on this LEGO Ninjago building set:

Awesome Golden Dragon

It cost $35. That's actually cheap compared to some LEGO sets.

When he got off the bus Thursday, he proudly told me he traded the golden dragon head for this "really rare cyborg space helmet."

Totally lame space helmet
The head of the dragon? The golden dragon head?

I was shocked. I kind of freaked out. I raised my voice and made it clear I thought he had made a terrible trade, that now his $35 Golden Dragon set would never be complete without the head, that his friend had either tricked him or neither of them understood the idea of a "fair trade" and that he should get the dragon head back.

(Yes, I'm weird about dragons ok?)

He claims this "cyborg helmet" is no longer available. I don't believe him and I told him I was going to find it and show him it's not a fair trade. That did not make things better.

He was understandably upset. I am upset, but I'm not sure he understands why.

Am I wrong here? Don't you think this is a terrible trade? I mean seriously. A golden dragon head for this piece of crap??

(P.S. that dragon head would shoot that green fireball out of its' mouth. If we still had the head.)

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