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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Writer's Digest Sept 2010

Writer’s Digest Sept 2010 - The Big 10 Issue

Futurama - what else can my supporting characters do? I’m a big fan of books built off of supporting characters and try to make sure they are as real as my main characters. Like Wide Sargasso Sea.

10 tips for delivering a reading - I’ve done several readings now of Bumpy, Grumpy Road, mostly to pre-k and K classes. I don’t have a lot of material to choose from, i’m only reading one book. and they don’t typically have a choice! But I am looking for ways to beef up my reading to a full-length workshop and reach out to other daycares and schools.

10 best places for writers to live - NYC listed as one, then Iowa. Pittsburgh named in top places to visit in 2012, i’d love to see if pgh ever made this list.

Ask the pro, top 3 books, Ender’s Game made her list (Suzie Townsend) so I already love her. (Did you know this is going to be a movie soon?)

Making the Most of your MFA experience...not something I see in my future but there’s good advice all the same, like putting your writing first, build a community, find mentors, go to conferences, keep writing and submitting, but the one I couldn’t keep is “make a full time commitment.” I have kids, a job, a marriage, my life is full of distractions.

Writer’s rule book - first rule is write what you know, I was just discussing this in my online writing workshop. Found a line here I love “writing what you know means finding what is extraordinary in that which is ordinary and...discovering what is universal, meaningful and human in that which is uncommon.” On the con side a prompt for students to “write what you don’t remember” seemed like a good challenge. Write every day v. weekly quotas. My write-every-day attitude led to a big pain in the neck. I’m also on a weekly quota now and making good progress. I write every day anyway just not in the same place, about the same stuff, in the same position. Advice on handling criticism is really helpful because I constantly wonder who bears responsibility: writer or reader. If reader isn’t well-read is it writer’s fault? If writer is too obtuse is it reader’s fault?

There’s gobs of top 10 advice from famous writers. too much for me discuss here in an already overly long post.

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