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Monday, May 20, 2013

Pittsburgh Woman Faces Fears with Help from Strangers

Are you brave? I'm not exactly brave.

My college running coaches urged me to push myself beyond what felt easy. My writing mentors advised me to write what felt scary.

I usually just hung out in my comfort zone. It was easy. Guess what readers? Life isn't easy.

The author on a non-scary run.
After finally resolving a minor physical problem that had a major impact on my self-esteem and self-worth, I decided to change. In 2011, I pushed myself out of my comfort zone and decided to start writing for real. In 2012, I pushed myself out of my comfort zone into triathlons and a new 10K personal record.

I've been pretty lucky - some might say blessed - so far in life. I was reminded of my many blessings in life on when my husband and I were at the Boston Marathon. He ran, I cheered. We were lucky - not only did he finish the race but we were safe and able to return home to our three beautiful children.

And I feel the need lately to pay it forward.

I'm trying to volunteer more, and I'm asking you to volunteer more, too. Why not start by helping out at MuckFest 2013? 

I'll be running/slogging through five miles of muck on Saturday, May 25 here in Pittsburgh and I'd love for you to be there to keep me honest. Because there's an opportunity for me to take 'alternate routes' on some of the obstacles. And I'm scared of some of the obstacles.

Sure, it probably wouldn't scare you. And since you're volunteering you can try out some of the obstacles.

But they scare me. And I don't like muck. And
I am worried I might take the easy way out and stick in my comfort zone. But if YOU are there, giving me that look, reminding me that lots of people don't have the choice to take the easy way, well....maybe I will dive face first into that mud, climb underground, swing on the rope, scale the wall even though heights terrify me, and I might even find I enjoy it.

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