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Friday, May 24, 2013

Today is Dylan's Birthday

My Golden Knight with a blue mohawk

Today is you-know-who's birthday - no, not that Dylan. This one.

Our Dylan was born on Bob Dylan's birthday, though we didn't know it until friends told us. There's definitely an iconoclastic element to people born this day.

He's six and I'm stunned. Yes, it's hard to believe how time flies. Even though many parents say "Oh I wish they were young forever!" I'm not entirely lamenting this birthday. Life is never simple with this kid. He's grown a lot this past year and certain things have gotten easier as he's matured.
Me & Baby D & the tree we planted when he born, and the tree today. 

We can reason with him a bit more. We can give him more leeway and know he'll make a relatively good choice. He's taken on more responsibilities at home and shows a lot of love for his brothers. He's also gained a tremendous amount of self-confidence which I think plays a big part in reducing his angry outbursts. (I know I'm happier when I don't feel scared and outmatched.)

Future promo shot
We chose the name 'Dylan' long before he was born. Boy or girl, we wanted that name. In Welsh, it describes the place where the water meets the land. I tell him that it is a magical name that describes something mysterious and unique.

You can call him D or Dy, but please don't call him Dilly-Dally (even though he does that often enough) because that isn't a cool nickname.

We call him the Golden Knight because of his bright hair and we read him stories of Finn MaCool, the Irish hero with fair hair, hoping to inspire a similar sense of fighting for what's right.

Just try not to laugh
He's an obstinate child, that's for sure. Passionate and not always cheerful (See "Stupid Mommy" and "Grumpy Kids, Sneaky Mom"). 

But watch out, because when this kid gives his heart, it's going to be all the way (See "Better to have loved and lost?"

He loves to collect things - but his first collection was pretty unusual (See "My Son the Collector.")

He's incredibly creative...and perhaps a bit too quick with a fib. He's funny. He's got a great sense of rhythm. 

He's tested the limits of my religious knowledge (See "Would you worry about CCD, too?)

He is very aware of what others think but doesn't always care what others think (See "The Great Nail Polish Debate."

 And my life would be pretty dull without this kid in it. Happy Birthday to my Golden Knight.
Working on his moonwalk

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