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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Pittsburgh Church Festivals

Pittsburgh church festivals are a novelty for me. I grew up in a rural community in Maryland without a lot of religious options. My church was about 30 minutes driving from my house. Moving to Pittsburgh opened a whole new world of experiences for me. For my kids, it will be part of how they grew up. 

I wish I knew more about the various church festivals and what makes each one unique. I've heard that our parish, St. Sebastian's, has an incredible fresh fruit and vegetable market. 

Does your church festival have this kind of market? 

I'd love to have a list of what makes each festival unique, so if you're reading this and you're in Pittsburgh, leave a comment! Let me know: what makes your church festival special?

At our very first church festival at St. Cyril's of Alexandria in Brighton Heights, my oldest rode his first carnival ride. This experience was memorable for so many reasons.  At first he was happy as you can see in the photo but then things went bad. The photo below shows his face right before he lost it and started crying. Luckily the nice ride operator stopped the torture and we got our crying kid off. Later we tried to force him to try cotton candy and he refused, vehemently. It was a strange first carnival experience. 
Winning the parrot hat was one redeeming moment from that carnival. 

A few years later, we moved and joined a new church, St. Sebastian's in the North Hills. We took all three boys for some carnival fun. Last year we stuck with the gentler rides. The kids had a great time.

This year we got a little craaaazy and had fun in the crazy mirrors...

...and the little guys rode the Scrambler with Mommy! My oldest decided it wouldn't be a good idea for him to try this ride, but the my middle and little loved it. 

"This is AWESOME!" - my 3 year old

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